September 25, 2017


It has been a long time since we've posted. Those who have been praying for us, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wanted to share this important information with you all, which I received from Gospel Ministries, International. It was sent out in July. Now there are only 30-some days left.

In Oct. 31, 2017 will mark 500 years of Reformation. In just about 3 months will be the end of it!
Many people still don't understand what does it mean!

Please help to distribute this information to your families and friends. This document has been translated into different languages for distribution!
Queridos Amigos,

El 31 de octubre de 2017 se celebrarán 500 años de Reforma. ¡En sólo unos 3 meses será el final de la misma! ¡Mucha gente todavía no entiende lo que esto significa!

Por favor ayude a distribuir esta información a sus familias y amigos. ¡Este documento ha sido traducido a diferentes idiomas para su distribución!

February 12, 2014

Update Winter 2014

Dear family and friends,

Scott and I have been back in Bolivia since the 26th of December. As I (Min) write, it is raining "cats and dogs". I am under our mosquito net with a twitching 9 day old puppy on my belly that keeps sliding off…. and the laptop on my lap :) I write a little and then pet the puppy. Write a little. Pet the puppy. I'm rather content right now and happy :) Other than the puppy sliding off every now and then, she makes cute growling puppy noises! 

We don't know how this school year will start out since most of the staff from last year are not coming back. We know that God will bring whoever needs to be here. However, if you are reading this, and you or anyone you know is interested in coming down for 9 months and helping teach classes at our school, PLEASE email Scott or the director as soon as possible. We ARE IN GREAT NEED OF VOLUNTEERS, to teach, and help out with the girls/boys dorm, cafeteria, and other work projects. 

The rain is so strong as it beats down on our corrugated tin roof! I love the noise it makes, as the rain is so powerful. It's so loud and sounds like a million shower heads are on at the same time!!! As I look outside the trees are waving like crazy, and the rainwater is forming "little rivers" as it flows off the road and grass, down past our front step. I see lightning in the distance and hear occasional sounds of thunder resonating all the way down to my toes.

Yes, we are in the rainy season. It has been raining just about every day; sometimes, it rains twice a day, and I mean, pours non-stop for a long time. Whenever Scott and I are on the motorcycle and it starts raining, we feel like someone just took us and dunked us in the river, since it takes just a few seconds to be completely soaking wet :) This has been our welcome back to Bolivia. And with the rainy season comes the lushness of greenery all around us, thus the constant need of cutting the grass and beating the jungle back. It's a struggle and a big job to maintain the lawns! Last year, the jungle had crept all the way up to one side of our house and was threatening to swallow it. It took Scott three hours using a machete to cut the overgrown bushes and vines. I am so amazed each year at how fast stuff grows here. I feel like the grass grows an inch a day… 

Yes, we made it safely back to our rainforest/jungle school, 30km from Guayaramerin.  Thank God! We had about 3 days of cleaning before our house looked decent again. Now, we are trying to get our laundry washed and dried. It's a challenge as it rains a lot now and is humid. 

We've had a huge froggy visit us every night at our house. I guess he comes in through the doggy door. We get frogs in our bathroom, so as you can see... nature is all around us, even when we shower. One time in the shower, Scott touched a frog which quickly inflated with air... and would you believe this froggy sounded like a drum as water from the shower bounced off his back. He looked like a frog balloon! I just don't like it when they start jumping on us. Anyways, Scott has been picking Mr. Froggy up and throwing him out the door. Now when we see him, we say "Oh, its you again…here you go! and swish…..through the air and the froggy flies out into the obscure night. Last time we threw froggy out, he got so scared that he peed on himself before Scott launched him out the door. I thought that maybe Scott had just squeezed him to tight... but no, froggies do that when they get scared. It's funny how I don't like frogs, but Scott on the other hand, lights up like a little kid each time he picks up Mr. Froggy. I think it's because he enjoys launching him out the door. Who knew frogs could fly? Each time he throws the frog into the air, he quickly closes the door and chuckles to himself. I truly married a fun man! Each day is an adventure...

Switching gears now.

We are learning more and more that God is in control of EVERYTHING. Providing for our needs as we travelled and putting the right people in our path to help us. God knows what we need before we even know what to ask him for. And as we are blessed in whatever way, be it financially or in other ways, we want to share His blessings with others. This gives us tremendous joy!!! As we walk through this life, we are to keep our hands open to receive God's blessings and keep them open so that we can freely give to others. We know that whatever we have is the Lord's and we want to use it to glorify Him. We received a donation last month and we were able to buy another keyboard in which will be used to teach more students piano. I (Min) had a full sized electronic piano with weighted keys which I brought down with me a couple years ago, but it didn't allow much students time to practice on.

 I had put my keyboard in the dorm so the students could practice, but we needed another one. So we are very happy to say that we bought one a couple weeks ago in Santa Cruz and it made it safely to the school with us!!  

We were able to bring down a couple suitcases from the States for other missionaries who didn't get to be with family over the holidays, and they were happy to receive them. 

Also, we were surprised when Herman, the head pilot for Bolivia, who was dog sitting, told us that Raisin (our dachshund) had a surprise for us. Well well, she surely did. It totally wasn't planned, but just a week after getting back to our school, Raisin gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies. 

They are 9 days old today, but are growing really fast. This time the puppies are half dachshunds and we are curious to see what they will look like. The puppies' father belonged to the TV station's director's kids. I'm not sure what kind of dog he was, but he was 3x bigger than our Raisin. So I'm just thankful that our dog didn't have any complications and that the puppies are healthy and well. For now, they look like dachshund puppies with a little more fluff. Whenever Scott comes back home and is a little stressed out, I just plop down a puppy on his chest and say "Here! hold a puppy! You'll feel better!!" It works :) 

The other day I didn't see the puppy on Scott's chest and found out that it burrowed in his shirt. The only thing I hate about having puppies is giving them away after holding each one of them close to your heart. It's so hard. So I told Scott that this time, "I'm keeping all 7 puppies!" He said…no. Maybe I can convince him to let me keep one. Still working on it. 

So yes, we arrived at the school rather early because the director had to travel doing interviews with potential students all over Bolivia. This is a demanding job, as travel during the rainy season is tough. Just before the director got back a couple days ago, his bus broke down 3 times, so he left the bus and hitched a ride on a truck to the next town. When he got near there, one of the bridges was washed out..bummer. While the director was away for about two weeks, Scott and I got to do interviews with potential students and their parents. It's been a really busy process, but we are happy that the director is back and has the paperwork and recommendations to decide which students he will accept for the 2014 school year. For those of you who are confused, our school year is from March-November. We are praying for the new students who will be accepted this year, as well as the students from last year who decided not to come back. There are complicated situations with some students and we just keep praying for them. 

A couple months ago, we were blessed to have the chance to visit family and friends in TN, FL, and WA state. During this time we were able to share how God is using us for His work in Bolivia. Even while we were in the States, we had many trials, including just having enough gas money to travel to our next speaking appointment. But we decided that God wanted us to share what He was doing in Bolivia, and as we shared our experiences our faith continued to grow. It gave us great joy to be able to share what The Lord is doing to save lives for His kingdom. 

As many of you know, we had many trials last year including sickness, our computer frying and also losing our son. Although the trials of last year were very difficult, God has given us enough strength to go on. And we praise Him for this. Our time in the US also brought many blessings. Here are some stories that have let us know that God cares about us. We would like to share them with you. We'll write stories on the next update.

In 2012, Scott wanted a guitar and so we would pray for one on a daily basis. We saw the cheapest one in town cost $50 and so we tried to save for it. But each time we would get close to having enough money, a more pressing need would show up and we couldn't justify buying the guitar. One day, towards the end of the school year, a student knocked on our door and tried to give us her guitar. We refused it, of course, feeling bad to be "taking" a student's guitar. However, she kept on insisting, saying "No, please take it! God has been telling me to give you my guitar for the past month!". Wow! we were flabbergasted. And humbled. You see, as teachers, we think that we have to always be on the giving end. Not just giving of our time and attention, but also sacrificing whatever it takes to help students when they are in need. And this time we had to "learn" how to receive. It was hard to take her guitar, but we did. She was happy and so were we! We've never experienced being poor before, and although it is hard sometimes, we see it as a blessing in disguise that teaches us how to be truly happy for what we do have. Thankfulness is not necessarily based on circumstances; it the state of our souls. Choosing to be thankful for the little things we have is changing us to appreciate what really is important in life. 

So back to the story... Scott would practice every day and by the time the 2013 school year started, he was getting the hang of playing along for church services. I was so proud of him!  He really enjoyed it and two more students wanted to play the guitar too. Well, just this past October 2013, Scott gave away the guitar to a student. Now we didn't have any guitar, but we were sure that God could give us another one if He wanted to. We just didn't know when. We could not afford one for sure, so we put it on our prayer list.  Just last month (December 2013), we went to visit Blue Angel SDA church in Pensacola, FL, where Scott was baptized. We went to visit Neville and Dorothy Parkinson, the godly couple that had given Scott bible studies, many years ago. While conversing with them and showing a slideshow of Bolivia, a picture came across of Scott holding a guitar in one hand while standing next to a student. 

Neville asked "Scott, do you play the guitar?" 
Scott responded "Yes, I do!" 
Neville then went to to say "Well, you know, I still have that guitar I bought from you many years ago…you can have it back if you want. I meant to learn, but haven't played it much. If you want it--it's yours!" 

Scott was so overjoyed as Neville brought the guitar and gave it to Scott. You see, while Scott was in the military, he had accumulated many things and when he decided to follow God's leading, he sold many of his belongings, including his guitar.  He had sold it to Neville. And now God was giving Scott back his guitar, seven years later!!!  We were amazed at what had just happened. You see, God does care about the little things too. They matter to Him.

Something I'd like to mention is that God expects trust and obedience from us. While we were visiting in the States, we wanted to share what The Lord was doing in Bolivia, but many times we just had enough gas money to drive to our next speaking appointment but not enough to get back home. We decided that if God gave us enough money to drive there, then He could give us enough money to get back home. So that's what we did! And each time we trusted God and just went on faith to share what He was doing; He blessed us with enough money to travel, along with kind family and friends that let us stay with them. 

They fed us and took care of us and when it was time to drive back to Tennessee, God provided enough money not only to make it back, but also to  get a few things we needed. Scott needed a computer, and had just enough to buy a used one that runs really well. Unfortunately just a couple days before flying out to Bolivia, we discovered that the computer didn't recognize the new battery that we had bought for it. So for now, we have to keep our computer plugged in if we are using it. But we are just so happy and thankful that we have a computer!

Many of you know we had lost our firstborn son, Michael. As hard as this blow was and is still to this day, God is healing our hearts in a mighty way. I know now, that you never get over it, as in our hearts never stop hurting. It's just that time helps us cope better. It's like living with an amputation. A part of you is gone and you are never the same. We'll miss him until we see him again. We long for heaven all the more. Many try to put themselves in our shoes and sympathize with us. We can only say that we are thankful for their love and support. However, unless, they themselves have been in the same situation, they cannot know or understand what it feels like to lose a child. It is heartbreaking, to tell you the truth. The only hope that gives us encouragement to hang on is the hope that we have in Jesus' soon return. And so we continue to pour out our lives and our love on the children at this school. Scott and I praise The Lord for the privilege He has given us to be used to show His love and character to them. Without this knowledge, how can they learn to love a God they don't know? 

Being volunteers has not been easy. There are many setbacks and challenges we face, including opposition from people who feel that we are wasting our lives, for a cause that is not worthy. I've had one person say to me, "Why don't you just come back to the States where you can make good money and have a comfortable life? You will not have to worry about getting sick! Scott and you can do very well over here (States), if you decide to come back permanently." Although Scott and I have had the hardest year last year, we know without a doubt that we are where God wants us to be. Just because one has difficulties and trials doesn't mean they should quit and give up what they're doing. On the contrary, the trials and difficulties of this life, are only confirmation from God that He is with us and that He is allowing us to "pass through the fires" that will purify our characters. It is because God is with us, that we have trials. But even so, it is encouraging to know that God will not give us trials above which we can bear, but will always give us a way out, so that we may be able to bear them. Isn't God good? He promises strength for the day, rest and comfort when we put our trust in Him. He has never failed us.  

Just as it is for sure there is a God, there is also a devil who seeks to destroy us. Let us not forget that each day we are facing the battle for our souls. Whose side will we be on? 

Just a thought: I am listening to "The Desire of Ages" on audio which helps me understand better what Jesus faced on this earth. Thinking of Jesus as our only example, what kind of life did He have? What kind of things did he have to call his own? Did he have a home? What was his mission during his time on earth? And last but not least, What did Jesus give up so that we could be saved? Jesus gave up EVERYTHING. The prince of heaven, left His Father's side. He left the glory and splendor of heaven, to come down to this sin sick world to become one of us, so that we could be saved.

When I think about Jesus' life, I can't even begin to imagine how much he had to give up to come to this earth and ultimately die at the hands of people that rejected him then and reject him now.  If Jesus did all that for you and me, nothing is too great to sacrifice for Him. Even if we give all to Jesus and sacrifice our lives, it will never never never match up to what He did for us. 

It's not been easy. However, Scott and I believe with all our hearts that Jesus is coming very soon. It is our life goal to do our part in saving lives for all of eternity. Might Jesus be calling you to make a similar sacrifice? Do not hesitate! God will make it well worth it in the end. 

It's still raining. The puppy has now stuck her head under my chin…sighing occasionally.

Before school starts, I'm giving piano lessons to 3 kids and teaching 2 other kids the recorder. I'm also composing some music and teaching myself how to draw. It's been fun! I'm taking advantage of the down time I have before the school year starts and the knocks on our door never cease… :) Also, I'm re-learning how to play the trumpet. I used to play trumpet in band while I was in high school. Scott got a used trumpet for me while we were in the States and had it fixed up…so now I am happily playing my horn whenever I get a chance. Scott is learning how to play the recorder and he likes it. 

Well, that´s all for now. We have many stories but will write some of them in the next update. We don't have fast enough internet signal at the school but we try to go to town to send updates, whenever we can. We pray for all our friends and family at home that God will keep you and that we will see each other in heaven, if not sooner. We love you!

Min and Scott

October 18, 2013

Teaching and Traveling


Well, we are recovering from our loss day by day. It is much harder for Min, having been intimately connected to Michael for almost 9 months. Some days she is fine and others a deep sadness comes over her and she can't stop crying. Please pray for emotional healing for us, especially for Min. 

Min's mother came to visit us for two weeks. That was a big blessing! She's the first of our friends and relatives back home to see what missionary life is like here in Bolivia. She brought us lots of gifts from her and friends and family too, which was a blessing. We love you guys!

Here she is at the port in Guayaramerin:

Here we are eating at our house:

Before we went to Guayara we celebrated her birthday:

I've been teaching since the week after we came back. The directors at the school kindly said that we didn't have to do any teaching, just come back and let them love us. That was really nice! I recommended that Min not teach unless she really wanted to, and she decided that it was best for her not to yet. 

When we arrived there was a big surprise waiting for us! Some students and staff had gone all-out to fix up our house better than we'd dreamed. Everyone pitched in something and it went from being one of the poorest-condition houses to one of the best! What a blessing. It has all-tile floors, a tiled bathroom, a wooden "couch" for guests, curtains, and it's all done with our favorite colors: blue and yellow. 

So we know we're very much loved here. 

Min's brother came to visit from Switzerland, so Min traveled back to the US to spend time with family. So for two weeks I've had to live like a bachelor again. I just washed some laundry today...

I have to endure for three more weeks and then I can go join her. Thank you to the family and friends who chipped in to get our airline tickets! We praise The Lord for the chance to come and visit. 

I don't have all the contact info that I should, but if anyone who reads this would like us to speak in their church while we are in town please connect us with someone whom we can coordinate with. 

Our tentative plans are:
Chattanooga area: Nov 9-16
Seattle, WA: Nov 17-Dec 3 
Chicago, IL: Dec 4 - Dec 8
Pensacola, FL: Dec 11 - Dec 15
Chattanooga: Dec 16 - Dec 24

These could change. 

Also if anyone we know has a vehicle we could borrow for any of these trips, please let us know. 

We love you all,

God bless,

Scott and Min

September 27, 2013

September Newsletter


We've been through some tough experiences lately, and have put everything in our September newsletter. This time it's in a nice PDF format. Here is the link: 

God bless, 

Scott and Min

April 3, 2013


We've been back at the school for almost 2 months. We arrived early to prepare and plan. It was a blessing to arrive early this time. Last year we joined at the end of 1st trimester. On one of the first Sabbaths we saw this double rainbow over our school. I've never seen one before. We took it as a sign of God's protection and providence this year.

Sadly our cat was not here. She died while we were gone, probably from rat poison. So we found a kitty in town and brought her home. The shop keeper gave it for free. What a blessing.

One of the first jobs for everyone was to harvest the rice. The students planted it last year and it was already ripe. We had only a few weeks to harvest it before it fell and rotted. We even cancelled one day of class as the rice was falling to make sure to get it all in.

We started school as normal. We had an orientation day, and the first Sunday was also our school's anniversary celebration so we had half a day of fixing up the school and then fun activities, a little music concert and a special meal.

In the last picture we are saying goodbye to Soledad. She graduated last year and is moving to Guyana to attend one of our missionary training schools. Our love and prayers go with her.

More has happened since I started writing this update, including an internet outage. Min is preparing a post to fill in the details.

God bless!


February 20, 2013

Recent News

Here's an update from Min:
For the past 6 weeks, Scott and I have been living near Santa Cruz, out in the country with missionary friends. This time was a blessing because we got to load up on fruits and vegies for cheap! This was really good for me, coz most of you know we're expecting our first baby the first week or so of September. Most of what I was able to keep down was only fruits which was basically 90% of my diet. I don't really have any cravings or foods that aggravate me, as most pregnant women experience. Although I did notice that I didn't desire milk products, like cheese, chocholate (yeah I know right...Min must be going crazy coz she loves chocholate), and I love spicy hot stuff, but I couldn't eat too much of this. Now I can basically eat everything, not a lot, but my appetite is getting better. For some reason, every lady here that is a Mom is giving me advice on the do's and don'ts and recounting their fabulous unbelievable tales of how their pregnancy was like. One told me that she had severe nausea till up to 7 months...I guess this is when I started thanking God that mine left last month! I think the best part about being pregnant so far is no periods!
This past Sunday, Scott and I were planning to bus it all the way to Guayaramerin, where the school is. But since it is the rainy season, people were telling us that it could take 2 or more days. Some said that they were bussing it for 3-4 days one time. But we knew that if we didn't leave soon, the heavier rains would fall and then it would take longer to get to our school. An hour before boarding the bus, a friend called and was really concerned that I was going to bus it all the way. She heard from someone who just travelled those roads that the roads were super bumpy and she was afraid that I would miscarry, would get a bladdder infection--the buses stop every 5-7 hours to let people use the bathrooms...etc.. Well we really didn't have another option to get back to the school and she wanted us, at least me, to fly. We told her that we didn't have that option, so very last minute, she came up with the money to fly from Trinidad to Riveralta, a city an hour away from Guayaramerin. So Scott and I got on a bus Sunday night with 6 other missionaries all headed up to the same place. It took 9 hours overnight to Trinidad. Then two other missionary women and I got on the last plane to Riveralta (all the flights were full), and arrived at the school Monday afternoon, THANK GOD! 
Scott and the the 2 husbunds of the other missionary ladies took the bus from Trinidad to Guayaramerin, which took like 36 hours...All the luggages were like 20 something pieces. Most of us were coming from the States, so it only made sense that the bus was the best option to carry a lot of stuff.  Thank God Scott and the other men arrived last night close to midnight. Scott was telling me that the bus sometimes would be on a ferry to cross rivers and then once they were on their way, it was sometimes scary coz the roads would be really slippery and sometimes the bus would lean over to the right, and that would scare people and send them hopping over to the left side to balance the bus. He said this kept happening. I've heard from a friend who has bussed it many times, that one time she saw a bus that totally flipped over on its side. I'm just glad and thankful. that I didn't have to bus it.
I really wanted to pick up Raisin, our sausage dog, on Monday, but I was too tired and decided that it would be better to wait for Scott to pick her up, as she is extremely attached to Scott and super loyal. Last time we left for the States and came back in 2 months, she followed Scott around for 2 weeks, just to make sure he never left her again! We heard from a friend we gave one of Raisin's to, that she was depressed with the family we left her with in town. It only makes sense since she is a total country dog and runs around everywhere. It was hard to wait for Scott to make it here because I wanted to get her back so bad. Well! today is the day!!! We just arrived in town, and here I am updating you before we pick up our little dog. I'm so excited. Who'd ever think that your pets would be in your dreams?? Mine was!
Oh and another thing! I couldn't move in to where we used to live coz...there are 8 bats living there :( I remember last year when we came to help the school, they had no where to put us and decided to put us in the half of that duplex. Well surprise surprise, it seemed like whoever last lived there left it in a wreck, as in the floors had huge holes in it, the screens were falling apart and not to mention that there was a thick layer of bat poop everywhere. I don't think anyone lived there for more than 3 months or so. I remember it took us 4 days to just clean, and another 2 days or so for Scott to buy some screening and fix all the windows and the doors. I'm really happy that Scott can fix anything!!! He has a natural talent for this. He even cut out a little dog door for Raisin :) At first I didn't want to live there, because I've heard that bat poop can release an airborn fungus that may cause acute pulmonary histoplasmosis (you can look this up), but after it was all clean, it seemed better. I really don't want to go through all the cleaning again, plus we have to wash all our clothes that may have been peed on by rats or that just stink coz the humidity is so bad. We will attempt to clean the place this afternoon some, after we get back from town.
On a downside, our cat, Olive is missing. We left her with a family that said they would take care of her, but then they decided to to on a trip or something, anyways, the missionaries at the school said they haven't seen her, and another lady said that a while back they were poisoning rats and that they found a dead cat in one of the houses. I know our cat is a great hunter, and it scares me to think that she caught a rat that had been poisoned and died. It makes me even more sad, if she's gone for good, coz she was more Scott's cat. He asked for her when he arrived and I told him that she's missing. He seemed kinda sad coz this cat would sit on his shoulder and go on walks with us. She really was an awesome cat. She even took care of 2 puppies when Raisin wasn't around. I'm still praying that we find her. If not, Scott and I may try to find another cat, but its hard, coz every cat is different...different personality..etc., smart/dumb...etc. you name it.
Oh and another thing. I can't believe that I'm back at the school. In the jungle once again! One thing's for sure, the "no-seeums" (little gnats that bite you a lot and get away with it coz you cant see em), sure did a good job in welcoming me back. It only took but a moment to look at my feet that were covered in little pink bumps ALL OVER, my legs finally believe that I was back. Bummer. For instance, I was picking guavas off a tree for a minute or so and red ants started biting me. I found one on my arm, biting me for all he was worth. When I pulled him off, his head stayed stuck on my arm.  I guess that bite cost him his life.The biting bugs are still something I haven't gotten used to. Last night I couldn't stop scratching, next thing I know, I'm waking up :) I'm just thankful that Scott is back and is safe from that long trip. He bussed it a total of 45 hours or so.
There's a lot of cleaning to do, as rats and other small animals have invaded other homes and taken over. Its not a pleasant thing or an easy job, but it must be done! So once we get our place all cleaned up and all our clothes washed, Scott and I plan to start a little garden. This sounds pretty ambitious! Well, we'll see, coz we only have 3 weeks or so before school starts and the students get here. Scott has been working on his lesson plans already!
Well, this is where we are right now. As far as we know, our baby is doing great! I am extremely anemic... My Hemoglobin and Hematocrit were very low. More so with the Hgb. It was at a 9. So I'm trying my best to eat iron rich foods. I just feel exhausted all the time and I guess the heat doesn't help much. I'm taking in extra Ca+ and Mg, along with supplements. and alot of citrus fruits. I'm also going to try to sproud mong beans to have something fresh to eat. I brought a kilo of sesame seeds and a quarter kilo of chia seeds with me. I know sesame has lots of Ca+ but I was reading that Chia seeds have 3X the amount of Ca+ regular milk has and has all the essential amino acids and other vitamins. I don't remember all that I read but basically it sounded like a super food :)
Please continue to keep us in your prayers and when you're not too busy, we would also like to hear from you and how you are doing. We think of you all and pray for you. Thank you each for you love and care, support and prayers. We appreciate you.

January 30, 2013

Back in Bolivia


We've made it back to Bolivia! We're staying in Santa Cruz until mid-February and then we'll make the journey to Guayaramerin to teach at the school again. We've been blessed to enjoy all of the tropical fruits that are in season here! Mangoes, achachairu, pineapple, coconut, etc. We got 50 little mangoes for $1 one day. We had to cut them up and freeze them for smoothies, but wow what a price.

Just before we left the U.S. we found out some good news! Min was feeling very sick and it turns out she is pregnant! We calculate that our little one will be born around August or September this year. We're looking forward to it, and we're reading up on what we need to know. I'm glad to be here during this time, as there is an abundance of healthy food in Santa Cruz.

Last weekend we visited another ministry in the area; a missionary health and evangelistic school about an hour away from where we are staying. It's WAY out in the country. A small group of us boarded a taxi to get to the main road, then a bus to El Torno. We hopped off and found a pickup truck willing to take us to Quebrada Leon for $1.50 each. This was the long part.

The road is only 11 kilometers, but it takes 45 minutes to navigate it because it is so rough, and you have to cross 6 rivers. As we traveled on this road, the countryside became more and more beautiful. There were orchards filled with citrus and other fruit trees, mountains came into view, and everything seemed peaceful. It got better and better until we arrived at the school property. We had a wonderful sabbath with the volunteers and a few students there, and on Sunday everyone went to visit a waterfall nearby.

One day I was exploring the school's land with some friends and we ran across some of the neighbor's cows. Apparently the cows are welcome because they keep the grass from growing too high and they fertilize the land. One of my friends tossed a sweet lime at one and it started following us and I got a little worried because of their big horns. However, when it got to me it just stopped and looked at me expectantly. I reached up and picked a sweet lime and offered it to the cow. She took it! In one lick it was gone. Here's the video:

(The video isn´t showing. I´ll get it from my friend and post it later. It´s on my facebook page for now)

What fun! It wouldn't let me pet it though. So far I've gotten to help another volunteer weld together a roofing frame and other odd jobs around the TV station in Santa Cruz. I offered bible studies to a local taxi driver and he actually seemed interested! Please pray that he'll give me a call. He reads the Bible to his family on weekends sometimes. We're also praying for many volunteers this year for the Familia Feliz orphanage and other missions. You can find the needs at if you feel led by the Lord to do so.

God Bless,

Scott and Min